Review Frank Turner @ Barfly, Camden Town, London 06/06/2011

Something a journalist should never dare to admit publicly is his own ignorance, but during yesterday’s Frank Turner gig to mark the release of his fourth album England Keep My Bones my lack of knowledge of him, was actually an advantage when it came to the whole evening’s true appreciation. Let’s immediately say that, while […]

Real democracy now hits London

Since May the 15th a new way of talking about politics and democracy started in Spain and spread all over Europe. London of course isn’t an exception. This is my interview with Hugo de Armas Estevez, one of the hundreds of guys demanding everyday for a “real democracy now” in front of the Spanish embassy […]

Wake up Italy! report

Last Sunday London joined the chorus of voices shouting “Stop it!” from Italian and European squares against the trading of the female body perpetrated by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his MPs. The Popolo Viola London (Purple People), an anti-Berlusconi movement, is the promoter of this demonstration which led to march almost a thousand […]

from Scrubs to London

Scrubs’ a cappella band The Blanks and his leader Sam Lloyd – as known as Theodore Buckland in the TV show– fulfilled with jokes, laughter and unconventional music the Shepherd’s Bush O2 Empire last Saturday night. The four men band performed all the songs they sing in TV show Scrubs starting with the cartoon theme […]