Francesco Mandolini is a journalist (journalist card N° 158074) and a communication expert currently employed as senior PR at the Fondazione Chiaravalle-Montessori. He writes mostly about culture and music for both local and national Italian newspapers/websites as well as international magazines. He is a Montessori expert and lecturer.

Aside from his journalism/communication-related career he is the singer-songwriter of his own band, the Dodo FMHis passion for everything cinema, music and entertainment industry led him to open the blog where he reviews all of it in a creative and ironic way. is the online portfolio of his main works.

Work Experiences


Il Fatto Quotidiano [2010-present] – IT
Il Resto del Carlino [2012-present] – IT
Recensioni Ignoranti (blog) [2018-present] – IT
Whymarche – IT
Diritto di critica – IT – UK

Communication Expert

Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori [2013 – present]
Urban Legends/Tonidigrigio


Dodo FM (singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar player)


2018/present – Degree in “Communication and digital cultures”, University of Macerata
2018 – Art Bonus certificate, Marche Region
2011 – Post-graduate diploma, London School of Journalism (UK)
2010 – Graduation in Media & Journalism, University of Florence (Italy)
2006 – Diploma at the Leonardo da Vinci foreign languages gymnasium, Jesi (Italy)
2006 – First Certificate of English, Cambridge Institute (level B2)
2006 – Zertifikat Deutsch, Goethe Institut (level B1)


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