Wake up Italy! report

Last Sunday London joined the chorus of voices shouting “Stop it!” from Italian and European squares against the trading of the female body perpetrated by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his MPs.

The Popolo Viola London (Purple People), an anti-Berlusconi movement, is the promoter of this demonstration which led to march almost a thousand Italians coming from all over the UK in spite of bad weather conditions, from Whitehall towards the Italian embassy near Bond street.

Just giving a quick look at the posters of the participants of the demonstration their indignation and their distance from the costumes of Mr. Berlusconi, who is now accused of having sex with under age prostitutes (which call him “Papi”), is pretty clear. We’re going from pictures of great Italian women of the past and the present as the actress Anna Magnani, the astrophysicist Margherita Hack or the journalist Milena Gabanelli, to the funny posters “Papi I’m pregnant” or “Arcore=Playboy mansion”.

Students, workers, professional but even teachers and retired people joined the demonstration singing and marching with enthusiasm even if, in some cases, they’ve not been living in Italy for a long long time but they still keep in their hearts the image of the “bel paese” and they cannot stand a mistreating like this.

“The main topics of the demonstration” states the spokesman of Popolo Viola London, Lorenzo Coretti “are the rights of the women and the public demand of the Premier’s resignation from his charge. We exist as a movement in London since the 5th of December 2009 and we’re here, in days like this, to testify our presence and indignation. It will be a constant until this government will be in charge.”

Francesco Mandolini

Pubblicato da Francesco Mandolini

Communication specialist, journalist, singer-songwriter, rover.

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